Sushi Bar

Providence, RI

Project Manager: Marc Lawrence
Project Engineer: Michael Letoile
Square Feet: 1,850
Site Superintendent: John Murdock
Architect: Couture Design Associates
Interior Designer: LDL Studios
Photography: Ellen Connery

An intricate renovation project of a small 1850's commercial building located at the base of Providence's College Hill. The site, formerly used as a laundry/cleaning facility, has been selected to house Providence's newest sushi restaurant.

The project consisted of selectively demolishing the existing structure, preserving the structure's historically significant components and outfitting the building for use as a restaurant; the existing structure now has a two story addition at the back of the building adding much needed floor space. The building also had no lower level restricting the restaurant's potential occupancy, as a fix the project's design engineers  increased available space by adding a new room beneath the existing facility.

The west elevation retained its’ existing façade and all architectural components were restored to their original grandeur. Brick facing was stripped down to a natural finish and sealed. All molding and trim was replaced with their original design and repainted. At the original store front entrance, all woodwork was refinished and new glass installed.

Now the refinished brick façade and the new structure the form a subtle combination of glass and metal clad panels; striking in their compatibility, old and new were joined to form a fabulous present.