Parker Construction Office

East Providence, RI

Project Duration: 6 months
Project Managers: John Machado, Tammy Borges
Interior Designers: Ian Thompson, Eddie Pistocco, Glenn Parker

 When Parker Construction needed a new office space, it brought the same customization and high quality craftsmanship used in the construction of all of its projects to a formerly industrial building so visiting clients could see and touch the kind of work PT is famous for. Millwork is the focus of the front lobby, executive offices, and common spaces, such as the kitchen and restrooms, showing PCCI's commitment to craftsmanship. In order to combine form and function, the majority of the existing offices and manufacturing space were completely gutted allowing PCCI to bring its own style and innovation to its headquarters.

The interior isn’t the average commercial office space; gorgeous and exotic woods, such as walnut, cherry, and bubinga are used in the millwork with distinctive structural features, such as the pilasters in the receptionist and president’s desks. Office desktops are sprayed with a top coat varnish, to make it easy to clean off fingerprints and other everyday wear. The kitchen, restrooms, and front desk have marble countertops and tiled floors.